1st Class Tapers Limited estb in 2010 specialize in Spray Plastering Painting and Ames Taping in Scotland

Airless Spray Plastering is an alternative to traditional skimm plaster and lining paper system

This system can be used on both commercial or private project to get a high quality finish, which will satisfy the most demanding customers

Spray Plaster is applied by using Graco spray machine in two coats

Once dry (usually 24-48 hours) surface is sanded by using Dust Free sanding system
and it's ready for decoration straight away
Airless Spray Plaster comes as a ready mixed product, suitable
for a range of backgrounds including plasterboard, concrete, lime render, cement
render, cement fibre boards, chipboards and previously non absorbent painted
Airless applied plasters benefits from a lightweight formula, making it easier to level and sand, as well as manage on site. It is ideal for smooth finishes